Monday, April 22, 2013

WRITING: a Potentially Problematic Passion by J.A. Marx

When I was a child, I didn’t write stories, I acted them out. Living in the heart of the Rockies, my playground was made up of rock outcroppings and climbing trees. Today’s term for this type of acting is LARP – live action role-play. I larped with my friends all the way through my first year of college. Active.

Once I had children, my larping included storytelling, and the kids became the protagonists along with a flying dragon named Murgatroyd. My teen daughter now carries on the larping tradition.

Between those years, fitness became a serious hobby. I taught aerobics for twelve years and studied nutrition on the side. Today, I work out six days a week and understand the importance of exercise and nutrition. Now that I write fulltime, I find myself in a catch-22.

A few hours at the gym does not
make up for sitting the rest of the day. (Mayo)

According to medical studies, the longer we sit the more health problems we create for ourselves. The Mayo clinic states these problems, “Obesity and metabolic syndrome — a cluster of conditions that includes increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist and abnormal cholesterol levels.” (Link read their article)

So what’s a writer to do?

I’ve also read stories of how some authors are either too busy writing to eat or they just grab whatever is “handy” in the kitchen. Speaking from experience, handy isn’t usually healthy.
The more important matter for a Christian author, however, is TEMPLE MANAGEMENT. We are the temple of God. What we “ingest” through our eyes and ears matters to our soul, but:

What enters my mouth fuels the temple God gave me.

Who would pour dirt into his Ferrari gas tank?
I will be held accountable for what God has given me to steward.
My frustration has led me to discipline myself in order to honor my Editor in Chief. I’ll share solutions that help me with temple management.

-Plan out healthy meals for the entire week.
-Prepare lunch and snacks the night before. (It’ll be ready when you are.)
-Do food prep for the family meal the night before. (When the dinner bell tolls, just throw the food in the skillet/oven.)

-Basics: if you’re not already exercising daily, start with a brisk, 30-minute walk (I listen to sermons and praise music. It’s an awesome time of worship for me.)

Active writing (Mayo ideas):
-Stand rather than sit whenever you have the chance
-Stand while talking on the phone or eating lunch
-Try a standing desk (improvise with a high table/counter)
-Walk laps with your colleagues rather than gathering at Starbucks for meetings
-Position your work surface above a treadmill (Use a specialized treadmill-ready vertical desk and be in motion throughout the day.)

Increased health = less sickness = increased effectiveness.
Live better, write better. We can do it!

J.A. Marx loves illustrating spiritual warfare through speculative suspense. Her debut novel, “Destiny Defied” releases April 17th 2013. She has published several articles and edits for a healthcare e-zine.
Her hobbies are fitness, nutrition, and dancing the Argentine tango. She and her husband live in Texas. Meet J.A. at 

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